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24 janvier 2012 @ 05:44
So, I'm alive and in Korea!

I don't know precisely why, but I haven't updated in what feels like a million years. I'm just starting my third month of being here - so far so good. I really like, well, everything. The other foreigners I've met are all pretty fantastic and my school is pretty okay. I suppose it's strange, but I haven't felt any sort of homesickness at all - maybe that will set in later, but I'm not so sure about that. I have yet to do any real exploring, though I've taken the short trip to Busan two weekends in a row now, so I guess that counts for something?

Anyhow, this weekend slash this week is the lunar new year holiday, so I've had a short break for the past two days and am teaching very minimally this week. I've basically wasted this weekend, though, so my apartment is still a mess, I still have laundry to do, and I'm generally not ready for the week to start. Poop. Oh well.

Here's a picture of my silly face just because, plus the beach in Haeundae in Busan. It was getting a bit dark, so the camera on my phone didn't really work as well as I would want. Bah.

Well, that's that. I'm sure I'll post again eventually? I spent the first month and a half with no internet, but with it set up now I think I'll get back to my old ways of internetting. Possibly. Maybe. Most likely.
08 octobre 2011 @ 19:43
Oh hey guess what.

I finally have my job placement for Korea. And my start date. Yay.

I haven't posted in a while and I guess oodles and oodles of things have gone on since last, but the Korea thing is probably the most important right now. I found out I'll be teaching in Changwon, which I guess is about an hour or so by bus from Busan? In any case, it's on the southern coast and is sort of an industrial city, as far as I can tell. My start date is late November, and I'll be leaving around mid-month, so both "yay" and "boo-hoo" for that.

Anywho, I have about a month before I go, and I'm just trying to figure out what I should do and what I can do before I leave. The whole self-study-of-korean thing has hit a wall, which is a big bummer to me. I've been sort of jumbled mentally for the past month or so from trying to wrap my head around all the dumb, little things I need to get done and want to get done, which has pushed back my attention to the big old important stuff. Well, so, anyhow, that's my news, as far as I can tell. Yay for jobs, yay.
19 juillet 2011 @ 22:48
Yay, nonsense ramble.

Okay, so I was browsing gosh-knows-what - i think omona lounge? - and became embarrassed with myself because a picture of Kaku Kento had me in a big "ohmanthisdudeissuperhot" tizzy. I ended up watching Asuko March! because of this, and what's further, I stayed up until nine this morning just to finish watching it. But the ending was a total disappointment.

And if that cut went untouched, you are probably the better for it. But here are some "I have a crush on this adorkable dude because I have nothing better to do"-type pictures of Kento because I have to make this post at least have some purpose.

And that's the end of that chapter.
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24 juin 2011 @ 02:28
I got a job offer. Let me say it again: I GOT A JOB OFFER. And only two days after I sent in my video introduction and so on.

So, of course I'm very excited, and certainly the wheels in my head have been going constantly. I've been in an on-and-off mild state of panic since I found everything out and was given all the information on what documents I need to have sent in and by when for the sake of getting the actual contract. I think the panic is mostly coming from years and years of honing my procrastination skills and the concern that maybe that might just get the best of me and I'll screw something up this time. I have to send a whole slew of things in by the 11th of July, which is just way freaking close. And supposedly I have to have my criminal background check squared away and sent to the Chungdahm office in Boston by the end of July, but the actual check supposedly can take up to twelve weeks. Eep.

But whatevs, man, I got the job offer, and if all goes well with this I'm going to be in South Korea in October and I'll be gone for a whole damn year. Yaaaaaaay.

Actually, side note, I've been sort of thinking to myself what the crap should I make sure I do before I go? I mean, in terms of fun things, go around town sort of things, I'm at a bit of a loss. Because I sort of love listography, I've been making nerdy and pointless lists to figure out just this very thing. So far my one "to do" list is mostly about eating, which I suppose is to be expected. So, okay, I'll put the question to you, whoever is reading this.

What in all the world should I do before I go to South Korea?

Anyhow, other things. I transferred to the airport Cup O' Joe, had a very stressful four-in-the-morning shift, immediately regretted the transfer, had a mild anxiety attack over the whole thing, and have since recovered and taken on a more positive outlook about the situation. I'm still picking up shifts at Stauf's, which is nice, and I talked to Boyd, who told me that he'll keep me in mind if any shifts at other Cup O' Joe locations need covered. So hooray for that.

I'm also moving out of my apartment very soon. I'll be moving into Joel's (read: my mom's boyfriend's) vacant condo (rent-free!) for the transitional period between now and going overseas. The move to that specific location mostly has to do with convenience: the condo is in Upper Arlington, so it's near to James, downtown, and the freeway - that last bit meaning I can get to work a lot quicker than if I was in Westerville with my mom; free rent equals saving money, which I really need to do right now; and I'll be living alone, which means I'll be able to focus a lot more on trying to get things all sorted out and ready to go. There's also the positive thing of not living in a house of smokers, of course, and I won't have to spend three hours cleaning the bathroom once I've move.

And here's the part where I say "knock on wood," because I don't know if I'm guaranteed a contract yet which means I don't know if I have a job yet or not. Keep your fingers crossed.
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08 juin 2011 @ 17:50
I think I might be trying to do too many transitional things in one go. Here are the details:

blah blahRéduire )

At least I have things going on in my life, though, right? I said to James just yesterday that I feel like I have more going on in my life than I've had the entire two years since I finished school, and it feels. Really. Good.
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18 février 2011 @ 03:32
I am posting about a severe problem I have with buying actually quite practical things that I unfortunately don't put enough actual use to. I apologize.

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with planners. Like, seriously unhealthy. Not just planners, really, just desktop and/or office crap. I was bored and decided to find some sites that have korean fashion, despite me being not so much stick-skinny as unfortunately busty and on the chunky side (though working out has been making some real head-way towards getting rid of that issue). But instead of looking at clothes, which I guess I hate doing online, anyway, because I'm all about touching cloth and ~being one with the texture~, I've been looking at planners - the glorious fill-in-the-blank kind so that I could basically buy, say, twenty different ones right this moment, which I really want to do, and pick and choose which one I want to use from year-to-year, without the obligation of, "Crap, I bought a 2010 (or insert previous year here) calendar late in the year and now more than half of it is wasted because the year is almost overrrrrrrr." And that was one sentence.

I am thinking of buying a few of these, though, and, er, maybe some notebooks. But this is a horrible problem because I have way too much stuff as it is, and, god, I shouldn't be buying planners when I'm just going to keep them in a box forever because this year has already started and I have something for 2011 as it is. And I'm sure I have about a million not-quite-full notebooks lying around in my possession somewhere.

And pens. I can't not just want pens. The thing with pens, or any writing utensil for that matter, is this: I AM LEFT-HANDED. It is ridiculously hard to find just the right pen when the biggest issue I have is smudging like there's no tomorrow. So, well, I end up buying pens, think I like them, then decide that they totally suck and just stop using them. Oh, and, you know, buy some different pens, because that's how I roll. The smudging thing would probably not be such a big issue with pens if I didn't really, very much so, prefer the super-easy writing, hardly-has-to-touch-the-page, wet-jelly-ink sorts of pens. So I basically back myself into a corner. And, just like with mechanical pencils, I've been looking all my life - well, that's a lie, for sure, but meh - for a pen that fits all my other criteria plus has the thinnest, finest point. I don't even really know why, I just don't like the look of my writing when it comes out kind of bulky looking. Which is to say, I'm crazy and think way too much about these things.

And now, unfortunately, I'm going to go back to drooling over office supplies from the safe distance of my home computer. Thankfully, I'm too lazy right now to get out my debit card, or I might be broke when I wake up in the morning.
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28 janvier 2011 @ 05:07
Awesome sauce from my never-ending movie watching: at the end of the doc Objectified, right there in all its glory, was one of my favorite Vonnegut lines, written on a chalkboard - "Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt." I was so happy it's absolutely dumb. And pee-ess, that documentary was totally amazing. And pee-pee-ess, I finally, finally watched Videodrome and, well, it was sort of fucked up and cheesy at the same time - thank you, Cronenberg, for that.

Oh. Also. James broke up with me out of the blue about three weeks ago, and on Tuesday of this week asked me to get back together with him. Apprehensive? Yes, I very much am. But nonetheless I'm very happy that things aren't just over. We'll just have to see how things develop from here, since right now our relationship - not in terms of emotions, or how we feel about each other, just how we spend our time together - has really gone back to square one.

And. I just realized that I made all of my entries totally private? Um, well.
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22 octobre 2010 @ 05:09
I found this:

from this article. I love the internet.
21 octobre 2010 @ 22:51
I realize that I haven't posted in a way long time, but I suppose that's because I haven't really been on my computer much except to watch dumb things like Doctor Who or Lost or to read the, well, let's say encouraging emails from my mother. But life is going alright, and here's a boring summary of things as they stand.

Yep, I still work at Stauf's, surprise surprise. I'm getting better at latte art, though. Sort of. I was told the second one looks like a rooster? I guess I can see that. Maybe.

Also, went to LA in September, and that was interesting save for the hotel "accidentally" charging me over five hundred dollars in excess. That little horror lasted about a week and then was fixed, thankfully, but I will never stay at that hotel again. The SM concert was awesome and I wish I had brought my actual camera, but I had to settle for my cell phone. We weren't super close, but the seats were good enough and I screamed like a lunatic like the weird old-lady fan that I am when SHINee was on. I wish I had actually made the effort to learn more songs by all the groups, though, because I felt bad not being as enthused when I didn't know a song. Blah.

Boo, crappy cell phone pictures.

The concert pictures are way blurry, but what's a girl to do. Also, that ramen place, Orochon Ramen, was awesome. Awesome. James and I ended up going there twice - on our first night and our last night in LA. I got the miso ramen both times, and you can pick the level of spiciness - but I was feeling wimpy, so the medium spice was just right for me. And I discovered that Kirin is the best-tasting cheap beer (around two dollars a glass) I have ever had. Last picture is the snack spread at the Korean barbeque we went to one night, and it was crazy. This may sound weird, but if I ever go to a Korean barbeque again I'm going to have to go with a Korean person just so I have some idea what's going on. Let's just say, it was quite an experience.

And I'm hopefully going to start taking a couple of classes coming up in the winter, just for the sake of getting my brain running again. The goal is to take some web programming and web design classes, along with maybe a math class or two and some Japanese courses. As always, I'm still lost in this weird sea of not knowing what the hell I'm going to do with my life, but I figure a little extra schooling is a good way to keep me from going stale in the meantime. Hooray, learning.
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22 juillet 2010 @ 01:51
Okay, so, maybe I might be going to the SMTown live, or at least it's a plan, and I've already built a trip itinerary that includes flights and a hotel - none of which I plan to book until I can actually get tickets, but goddamn I hope I can get tickets. James is agreeing to go with me and we're planning on making that a sort of birthday, fun-time trip, and I am so excited thinking about it. I'm also sort of, well, bogged down by the fact that, oh god, rent each month and bills each month plus my roommates' annual summer party of which I plan to chip in at least a little bit, they will all make my wallet cry and then drown in its own wallet-y tears.
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